Friday, December 3, 2010

More about Katz GF and several kinds of Pie!

Today for lunch I made a sandwich of the Katz multigrain bread and the Challah bread slices from the trial pkg. Both were toasted lightly and I nibbled a corner before adding mayo & half a lamb patty left from Wednesday night dinner. I found both to be disappointingly bland. Do we detect a common thread here when it comes to GF breads??? It's called BLAND!

The chocolate cupcake was, on the other hand, delicious! Not grainy! I could not have distinguished between it and a regular chocolate cupcake made with wheat flour.

On another note, I baked a mincemeat pie yeasterdy with crust made from a recipe in this cookbook: I doubled the flaky single piecrust recipe to make a two crust pie. The dough was too dry (my fault; probably should have added few drops more milk) to roll well, and impossible to get thin. I'm not a fan of thick piecrust, so was disappointed. It rolls out rather crumbly so it's difficult to handle, but I succeeded in getting the pie together. The filling was yummy. Of course it came out of a jar, so I already knew it would be. But the crust was thick, and quite grainy from the white rice flour. Oh! And I ended up with enough dough left over to fill another pie tin! So tomorrow I'll either make that up as a pre-baked crust and fill it with pudding, or fill it with apples and a crumb crust of some description. I think I like the apple pie idea best.... Oooooh! Or pecans! Oh yum! I looooove pecan pie!!!! Yup, that's it! Gluten free Pecan pie!

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