Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Restaurants NOT to bother with!

There's a place on Randall Rd. called The Nest Cafe. According to their website, I expected decent food. They had absolutely nothing Gluten Free. Even the kitchen couldn't tell the waitress what had no flour in it! I had hoped for soup & a salad. She brought me the salad - which was mostly head lettuce (booooooring!) and came back when I was half finished to say that the soups had flour in them. So I ordered an omelet. Sides offered were toast or pancakes... duh! I asked if I could get fruit and was told there was no fruit. So I got the pancakes for Jonathan (good thing he was with me).

If I had ordered an entree' it would have included soup and dessert for $11 and change. My bill for a lousy salad and an omelet with greasy, tasteless hash browns (no dessert) was $11 and change!

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