Friday, July 18, 2008

May 2 Day 4
We both slept really well last night. Interesting motel. Probably built in the ‘60’s. No cups, no clock and a real key for the door. Also, no breakfast. But it was cheap, the other option was $79/night – and no breakfast. We ate at the Cowpoke Café.

After crossing another desert area – this time probably Alkali. We’re back into mountains. These are lower, rounded and no snow, and we’re very close to Reno here. We plan to go on down to Virginia City so we know how to find it tomorrow. There will be one excursion trip at about noon. Then I hope to go on up to Lake Tahoe and check out some of the sights there. We’ll be staying in Carson City at the home of an Evergreen Club member. They have a dog named Henry. ;-)

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