Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yummy place to eat in Atlanta

We went to Pappa Dou's last night for a light meal and some liquid refreshment to make the world stop moving after driving nearly 600 miles. The waiter called over a kitchen manager (whose wife has Celiac), and we had the yummiest food you can imagine! What a relief!

Then today, at the Atlanta History Ctr, we ate at the Swan House and again had a waitress who was so nice - and while not knowledgeable herself, enlisted the aid of her chef who was totally honest about which things on the menu I would not be able to eat. I had a tomato soup and the most wonderful shrimp salad I think I've ever had - with dill and capers. Lovely!!!!

We're going back to Pappa Dou's for dinner tonight.

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