Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I've a house full of family, so have not posted in a while. I made Judy's bread recipe again, but subbed some flax meal, sorghum flour and fava bean flour for some of the brown rice flour to try a different flavor and to add some fiber (flax). I turned out quite good.

I made it on Monday, took it out of the bread machine and took it with me to my former Sister-in-law's (June) house for dinner. Because my son is in with his family, she had us all over. My ex was there (of course) but we get along fine. His uncle and aunts (in their 80's) were there too and I love seeing them. Such wonderful people that I miss being in my life. My nephew Frank with his wife and 2 little ones. My grandson Jonathan was there with his guardian and his buddy Logan; looking all grown up at 16.

June had made enough food for an army, and included a GF ricotta cheese cake. Nice - not very sweet. The original recipe calls for a graham cracker crust and she subbed rice chex. Admittedly, not the best solution, but I brought the recipe home to try again with a different crust. I'll post the recipe later.

My nephew's Father in Law has Celiac disease, so Frank has been experimenting making Gluten Free beer. He brought me two bottles to try. I was drinking wine there, so decided not to mix. I tried it last night. The initial taste is good, but the after taste was less so. My son Jeff said to try aging it, so I'll keep it in the fridge for a month or more and then try it again. Frank said it's his first attempt, so he's working on improving. Meanwhile, I'll stick with white wine & cider.

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