Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Greenbush, WI (Wade House)

We're attending this event in a bit more that a week from now, so I have volunteered to be in charge of meal planning (with input) and grocery shopping for the event so I will know what I'm eating for the weekend.

Kathy is bringing a variety of summer squashes and a couple of eggplant. Kay has tomatoes & basil. She'll prep a vinagrette and I'll buy a fresh Mozzerella. I have 2 yellow tomatoes that should be ready by then too.

One dinner meal will be salmon (except for Kathy who will have Cod). We've been invited to join Barb Blair for pot roast on Saturday night, and all I need to think about is the other dinner.

We usually have a quick breakfast of oatmeal when we first get up, then have eggs and bacon later in the morning. I may take my GF pancake mix for one breakfast, and add some cornmeal to give it a little extra oomph. Lunches are usually pretty much pick up. We will have cheeses, salami, and various fruits, crackers etc.

I think I'll make a GF Brownie mix, and Kathy is looking for a GF pie crust so she can make us a pumpkin pie, and I'm getting in the habit of bringing my own bread, crackers & granola bars.

This is kind of a practice session for the two-week long trip to Cedar Creek and Westville in October. For that trip I'll need to make sure I'm covered start to finish. Plus we'll be feeding dinner to my Gluten sensitive sister while at Cedar Creek.

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