Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ok, here are photos of the bread from the Pamela's mix. It is quite moist and makes a heavy loaf. My breakfast of bacon eggs & toast lasted me thru until about 4:00 this afternoon before I began to get hungry, so this stuff has staying power!

Then for dinner I made Portobella Pizza from the 3 gorgeous big bellas I bought at the Farmer's Market on Sunday. Vince and I ate one each and were full, so I have one left for dinner tomorrow.

I cooked a couple of crumbled Italian sausages with onion and added a little basil, spinach & garlic. Brushed the mushrooms with olive oil and spread some pesto on,then piled on the sausage mixture, topped it with a thick slice of tomato and shredded mozzerella. 20 min at 375* Yum! A heck of a lot tastier than the frozen Udi's pizza crust I made up the other night.

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