Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Betty Crocker Gluten free Choc Chip Cookies

General Mills has a few GF mixes out, and I made the cookies last night, just to see how they'd come out...and I had a taste for cookies. They aren't bad! A bit too sweet for my taste, but I have an idea that mixes add more sweeteners to cover the difference in taste and texture of the originals. It's the same with artificially sweetened stuff (which I DO NOT eat!) Much too much sweetener. I'll end up finding a recipe and baking my own next time, but for now I have 3 doz cookies to keep me going. I left a few out in a baggie & froze the rest. I can go into the freezer & take out a couple at a time when I want them.

I doubt that I will buy the General Mills mixes again, but at least they were there to get me started until I build up my pantry of flours and starches.

Oh, and I finished my little loaf of bread at breakfast this morning, so I need to make another. This time I'll add a little oil, but I think I'll make the same size. It's a convenient size for one person, if a bit small for a sandwich.

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