Thursday, August 19, 2010

Corn & Quinoa pastas?

Grocery Shopping today. I didn't need anything at Aldi, so I stopped at Meijer, Super Wally, Trader Joe's & Woodmans. At Meijer, there is virtually no Gluten free stuff except the usual suspects (General Mills mixes and a few crackers). They are, however, supposed to carry Udi's bread so I stopped & asked about it. The lady in the bakery dept told me that they used to carry it, but it's been removed from their order list. So may only be available at some stores - but not that one. So I got my produce & kept going

Super Wally seems to have lost their GF section. I walked every single aisle and never did find it. I did find the GF Bisquick next to the regular kind, at $3.98/ a 12oz box - and I bought the Friskies canned food my kitties like (40 cents), and went on my way. Next to TJ's for the brown coffee filters and frozen Ahi Tuna.

Woodmans: More Friskies (45 cents) and several trial things. Pasta made from Quinoa and pasta made from corn. Quinoa flakes (hot cereal - but can be added to baked goods also), rice bran (19gm fiber/1/2 cup to add to baked goods) xanthan gum, guar gum, rice flour & potato starch. Ultimately I will bake most of my own breads, etc. But I want to try some commercially available Mixes & baked items to see what works when I don't have time to make my own. I did find Udi products there, but they were out of the bread. I bought a pkg of Udi pizza rounds (2 in pkg) and a loaf of Kinnikinnik White bread which the mgr said was a good seller. I also bought Sun butter.

I found that the people at the Culver's in Carpentersville were VERY willing to work with me to make sure I had a nice meal with no gluten. They even checked ingredients in the salad dressing to make sure it was ok. I had a Cashew Chicken salad which was very good. They use a nice blend of greens with no iceberg lettuce.

When I got home I pried the end off the frozen bread; toasted it a few minute & spread a little sun butter on it. It tastes fine, and the bread texture seemed good too. Sun butter, like natural peanut and almond butters is not as stiff as the commercial peanut butter; and needs to be refrigerated.

So the adventure continues. Next: Find Soy sauce without wheat and gluten free vanilla. Although I would think that pure vanilla extract should be gluten free. Nothing about what on the label....

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