Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just a bit of a note of explanation here. I live in a small town about 55 miles WNW of Chicago, and about 35 miles ESE of Rockford, IL. One would think that things around here would be really convenient. On the contrary, though we have a Certified in town - which is actually pretty nice - the closest Jewel, for instance, is 9 miles (Huntley). The closest Super Walmart (I HATE shopping at Walmart!) is 10 miles (also Huntley). The closest Aldi is 14 miles (Elgin).

So about once a month - six weeks I do a circuit up Randall Rd to Algonquin (about a 60 mile circuit). I can find, in order going north: Dominick's, Aldi. Jewel. Across the road there is a Caputo's & Meijer. Heading back south: Super Target, Super Walmart, Trader Joes's and Woodman's. My faves are Aldi, Meijer, TJ's and Woodmans. Mixed in amongst them are also a JoAnne Etc., a TJ Maxx, and a variety of other places to stop and shop for other things.

Also along the way I can have lunch at Panera and shop at the French Nun's bakery (probably not anymore).

Woodmans has the biggest Gluten Free section I've seen anywhere! They have one whole aisle (and this is a warehouse store with 25- 30' aisles) and there are more in the International/Organic sections. Jewel's section is about 6'X2 shelves. Super Wally has a decent section - maybe 12-15', but only at the one on Randall - not the one in Huntley. T'J's and Aldi don't specialize, but Trader Joe's did hand me a list of items they carry that are GF. I didn't look at Dominick's or Caputos.

...and so I travel on...

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