Friday, August 13, 2010

Peanut butter - I miss peanut butter....

Judy said that she has experienced problems with Peanuts and Almonds, so I decided to avoid them as well. I can do without almonds - even though I really like them; but I miss peanut butter! Not that I ate it a lot, but it's one of those things I get a 'taste' for now & then. And if there's nothing else to eat for lunch, there's always PB&J.

I know you can buy Cashew Butter and Sun Butter, but I can't buy it here in town, and I don't plan to go up the road shopping until next Thursday. So, what the heck. I tried making pecan butter.

It all started when I pulled a bag of pecans out of the freezer downstairs and brought them up here figuring I'd toast them so that they taste better than raw. That way I can add a few to Granola, or muffins or whatever. I did that (15 minute in a 325* oven - until they smell good & brown a little). As I was putting the cooled nuts into a Tupperware container for storage, I decided that I ought to be able to make some pecan butter to go with my nice bread. But in what? Well, we have 2 coffee grinders, so I put a small handful of nuts in the grinder & ran it. It started to bog down, so I drizzled in a little honey and some dark sesame oil. Continued running the coffee grinder. I had to add a bit more liquid, but ended up with a rather coarse butter.

It tastes a bit too much like sesame, and it's a bit too sweet to suit me; so if I do this again, I'll probably use olive oil in place of the sesame oil and not as much honey. Maybe add a bit of salt too. But I put it in a little container (there's only about a half cup total) in the refrigerator, and tomorrow I'll try it on my bread. It ought to be good on rice cakes too.

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